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We are Wiersgalla Plumbing and Heating! We welcome any and all plumbing and heating problems. No job is to big or small with us!  You can rely on the consistency and reliability of Wiersgalla Plumbing and Heating!

We take care of any plumbing fixture and home plumbing repair:  backflow, clogged drain, slab leaks, solar water heater installation, frozen pipes, basement flooding, burst pipes, leaking faucets, clogged sinks, faulty garbage disposals, sump pump failure, leak detection and other drainage problems.  WiersGalla Plumbing and Heating Company is a trusted plumbing company  name, known for quality, professional plumbers and superior work.   We offer prompt expert plumbing service from our Plumbers for your home or business, with available same day and emergency plumbing repairs.

Options for Plumbing and Heating

If you live in the cold areas, you know the winters can be so cold indeed. Nevertheless, despite the frozen temperatures, its best to find ways to stay warm and comfortable. Now, I am sure you have used the “tried-and-true” methods to heat your home, like gas, propane, or even wood. However, did you think about you consider other sources of heating that are not as conventional and that may even be renewable and great for the environment? The options are vast. Its best to take a look at some of these “renewable” heating sources. If you consider them now, you might have thank us and yourself in the future. Check out best Heating and Cooling in Chesapeake, VA

Solar heat

Capturing heat through solar thermo siphoning panels are ways to direct sun air into your home. This can cut your bills in a major way! Visit any site on the internet for DIY tips.

Passive solar heat in home design

If your in the market for a new home or building a home there are options. You can design your home or remodel using Solar Windows or also manage the design of the home so that the sun is used both for heat and light.

Earth sheltered homes

Earth sheltered homes insulate your home naturally from winter’s frigid temperatures.

Heating and energy-saving ideas

You can also use wood pellets which are more cost effective than fuels that include gas and oil. A Wood Stove is a small investment.

Getting an energy audit done
Home energy audits can be done yourself or you can hire a professional home energy auditor to do the job for you. An audit will show you where there are leaks in your home that let hot or cold air escape, thus making your home less energy-efficient, and also use infrared cameras to detect where insulation may be missing or where leaks are occurring that can’t be easily detected. An auditor could be found on the National Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Association.


Video camera inspection
Sewer, water and gas re-piping and upgrades
Complete sewer and drain cleaning services
Pressured water jetting services for sewer.
Backflow certification and repair
Backflow installation and replacement
Water pressure regulators
Underground fire piping
Grease trap & waste pumping
Plumbing fixture repairs and replacements
Water heater replacement, installation and maintenance
Tank less heaters
Water softener repair
Water & whole house filtration